Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients

With over 60 years’ experience and a reputation for innovation and efficiency, Sun Valley is Britain’s leading supplier to the bulk ingredients sector.

Sun Valley has two extensive and well equipped processing and packaging facilities in Bromborough on the Wirral enable Sun Valley to offer the best in peanut & nut processing and packing

Both sites are impressive one stop shops - versatile and hugely flexible - and they can handle anything from large to small volume projects.



With expertise in nuts and tree nuts, Sun Valley delivers an enviable full-service package: from the sourcing and procurement of the best raw materials through to professional handling, processing and packaging. You’re in the safest hands in the industry.

In terms of product, we offer a hugely comprehensive range of options as well as highly innovative ways of adding value to them. We’ll listen to your specific requirements and deliver the solutions you need.

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Jim of Kent ....... Sun Valley say "Peanut Perfection" on the pack and I have to agree with them; if you like salted peanuts go on and spoil yourself with some of Sun Valley's finest!

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Chilli Nuts - quality nuts. Some chilli nuts are more about heat than flavour, but these are an excellent mix of hotness and a delightful savoury assault on your taste buds. Excellent value too.

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Michael Candy - These are the best Wasabi flavoured peanuts, in my opinion, available. We first had these in our local hostelery and became addicted.