Tree Nuts

Tree Nuts

Sun Valley boasts a dedicated peanut-free facility for processing tree nut products for ingredients usage.

Here are our carefully selected bulk tree nuts: 


ALMONDS - Delicate yet distinctive flavour

Imported from:  California, Spain, Australia, Chile
Style:  Delicate yet distinctive flavour
Uses:  Baking, cereal and confectionery
Available:  Raw, blanched, roasted, split, sliced and nibbed  



WALNUTS - Strong and slightly bitter in taste

Imported from:   China, India, California and France
Style:   Strong and slightly bitter in taste
Uses:   Baking, confectionery, snacks and salads
Available:   Raw, light, light amber halves and pieces  



PECAN NUTS - Rich and distinctive in flavour and texture

Imported from:   USA and South Africa
Style:   Rich and distinctly flavoured luxury nut
Uses:   Breakfast cereals, confectionery and baking
Available:   Raw, halves, pieces and nibbed 



HAZELNUTS - Crunchy and flavoursome, very distinctive taste

Imported from:   Turkey, USA and Italy
Style:   Crunchy and flavoursome
Uses:   Breakfast cereals, ice-cream, baking and confectionery
Available:   Raw, roasted, blanched and nibbed 



CASHEW NUTS - Rich, luxury nut with a distinctive flavour

Imported from:   Vietnam, India and Brazil
Style:   Rich and distinctly flavoured luxury nut
Uses:   Ready meals, confectionery, snacks and cereals
Available:   Whole, raw, roasted, splits and nibbed 



 BRAZIL NUTS - Large robust nut with strong flavour

Imported from:   Bolivia, Brazil and Peru
Style:   Large robus nut with strong flavour
Uses:   Breakfast cereals, confectionery and baking
Available:   Raw, whole and nibbed 



PISTACHIO NUTS - A delicate, subtle flavour

Imported from:   Californa and Iran
Style:   A delicate, subtle flavour
Uses:   Ice-cream manufacture, confectionery, baking and snacks
Available:   Dried in shell, raw and roasted kernels and whole or nibbed

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Jim of Kent ....... Sun Valley say "Peanut Perfection" on the pack and I have to agree with them; if you like salted peanuts go on and spoil yourself with some of Sun Valley's finest!

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Chilli Nuts - quality nuts. Some chilli nuts are more about heat than flavour, but these are an excellent mix of hotness and a delightful savoury assault on your taste buds. Excellent value too.

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Michael Candy - These are the best Wasabi flavoured peanuts, in my opinion, available. We first had these in our local hostelery and became addicted.