Our people

Our team make us what we are

Our people are what make our business so special. We all work together to create products that we’re proud of, and that our customers love.

From sourcing and product development to production and packing, every member of our team has a vital role to play in achieving the very best for our customers.

We know how important it is for our team to learn new skills. That’s why we invest in training to ensure they have the most up-to-date knowledge, and that our processes continue to meet the latest standards for quality and safety.

Sun Valley Factory


Striving to reduce - reuse - recycle

Here at Sun Valley, we believe in long-term sustainability and we aim to stick to the mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle in our packaging.

We have an active programme looking at ways in which we can reduce packaging, especially the use of plastic. This includes reviewing bag sizes and we are pleased to confirm that our new Sun Valley bagged nuts and cards have resulted in an overall packaging reduction of 20% with no change to portion sizes. We are also actively looking at projects including plastic free packaging and recyclable films. Keeping our products fresh is important to us, so we’re hard at work with suppliers to offer recyclable solutions that keep our products fresh and safe.

We use recycled materials in our packaging as much as possible. Our cardboard cartons and cases are produced from 100% recycled card, and many other card items are created from sustainably-sourced materials.

We’ve worked really hard to improve the sustainable credentials of our barpots. There’s no single use plastic used in this product at all, and we’ve removed the plastic lid, which has reduced the overall amount of plastic used by 30%. Now our barpots, foil and case are all 100% recyclable.

Sustainability in peanut sourcing

Best practice in sourcing

Our buying team work closely with suppliers across the globe, regularly visiting farms and production facilities at source. By working closely together, we can ensure that there’s a consistently high standard across our product range.

We work closely with international organisations such as the American Peanut Council, who are focused on improving sustainability in peanut farming. Peanuts are a naturally sustainable crop as they replenish the soil with essential nitrogen depleted by other crops, and they’re generally grown in rotation.

According to UNESCO data, peanuts have the lightest water footprint of any nuts. In the US, the majority of the crop requires no irrigation because of the growing locations and the fact that they grow underground. What’s more, no part of a peanut needs to go unused. Hulls and vines are used for animal feed, and peanut oil is consumed locally or used to produce biodiesel.

Health and well-being

Nuts: a highly nutrient-dense food

We’re committed to communicating the health benefits of nuts and peanuts to our consumers. Our product development team is always hard at work to come up with nutritionally-balanced products, and we’re actively focused on reducing salt and sugar across our range, whilst keeping the same great taste.

Nuts can be a healthy snack choice - and who says that healthy has to be boring? Our new Nuts For range combines all the benefits of nuts with unexpected ingredients for a great-tasting, nutritious snack. Take our Nuts For Simply Dip’d Almonds, for example. They offer all the indulgence of chocolate nuts, with 50% less sugar than the market average. What a treat!

We always work with naturally nutritious ingredients in all of our products, including nuts, seeds, fruits and pulses.

We avoid artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives.

Sustainability in sourcing

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