Better Butter

It’s official: nut butter is booming (or should we say spreading?). Sales in this category have grown by an astonishing 80% since 2011, following an explosion in consumer demand for healthy, natural products.

With the humble peanut butter already the UK’s third most-loved spread (behind honey and jam), the rise of peanut butter along with almond, cashew and hazelnut butters correlates directly with the growth in consumption of healthy protein. This increase is driven in no small part, we’re sure, by customers looking for a tasty post-workout pick-me-up.

Ancient Spread

But, aside from the obvious health benefits, what is it about nut butters that are make them so popular?  Turns out, they’re good for more than just protein rich smoothies and breakfast toast. Nut butter snack bars, nut butter sauces, nut butter ice cream and even nut butter dog chews! Versatility is the name of the game. 

For more than just spreading

With over 70 years’ experience in nut processing, we’re one of the largest UK suppliers of bulk nut ingredients, operating from two sites in the north of the UK to produce, alongside a wealth of snacking products, a range of bespoke nut butters. 

Sun Valley Nut Butters

With expertise in both peanuts and tree nuts, we offer a full- service package from sourcing and procurement of the best raw materials through to professional handling, processing and packing. We source our nuts from across the globe, developing strong relationships with our suppliers in order to ensure quality and consistency and our nut processing capability is highly flexible, allowing us to develop products to suit a wide range of requirements. 

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