Cider Rethought

With a raft of new varieties of cider now in the mainstream drinks area, there is a real opportunity to snare both cider and wine aficionados, says Felix Nash, founder of the Fine Cider Company.

Felix said “A new wave of 750m bottle conditioned ciders have the x-factor to appeal to a wine generation, especially those that are discovering natural, organic and biodynamic wine.

Think of all the nuances that exist with fine wine: terroir, vintage, history, a story behind the product - and then picture it for cider and perry.”

Cider Pairings

So, what of cider and snacking? You’ve probably seen our video series on beer and nut pairings. If not, you can revisit it here. The general idea is for retailers and operators to use existing trends, such as the rise of craft beer, to get better quality snacks into people’s hands.

Most recently, we worked with award-winning drinks writer, and Britain’s first accredited Pommelier (cider sommelier), Jane Peyton, to get some simple, yet inspired, cider pairing ideas for our class-leading nut mixes.

Whether you’re a pub interested in serving more ciders, or a cider fan at home looking for ways to enhance your favourite tipple, there’s sure to be a pairing for you!

Salted Peanuts

Salted peanuts are a classic snack. Quench your thirst and complement salted peanuts with: Gold by Thatcher’s 4.8% - a tangy easy drinking cider with an underlying sweetness that balances the saltiness of the nuts.

Russet Cider by Nightingale Cider 8.1% ABV – the cider has a nutty character that complements the nuts and a subtle sweetness that gives a counterpoint to the saltiness.

Honey Roast Peanuts

Sweet, crunchy and incredibly moreish, try matching these ciders with honey roast peanuts: Kingston Black by Sheppy’s 6.3% ABV – Kingston Black is known as the king of cider apples. This is a dry acidic cider that contrasts with the sweet honey of the nuts.

Puffin by Perry’s 6.5% ABV – this is a tangy, tart dry cider that contrasts with the sweet honey of the nuts.

Wasabi Peanuts

Hot and spicy, wasabi peanuts are best balanced with a sweet and fruity cider. Try: Haze by Thatcher’s 4.5% ABV – this is a very fruity cider with a sweetness that mellows the spicy character of the nuts.

Sweet Sparkling by Severn Cider 6.3% - Sweet cider matches spicy food well because sweetness mellows spice.

Sea Salt and Black Pepper Cashews

The perfect sharing snack, sea salt and black pepper cashews are a little bit salty, a little bit spicy, and entirely delicious. Try with these ciders:

Wyld Wood Organic by Weston’s 6% ABV – a balance of acidity, tannins and sweetness. Sweet for the contrast with the spicy pepper and acidity and tannins to cut through the dense texture of the cashews.

Real Cider by Hallet’s 6% ABV - again a perfectly balanced cider which works in harmony with the combination of spiciness and creaminess in the nuts.

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