Nuts For

Have you ever wandered the supermarket snacking aisle like a listless zombie, only to leave uninspired and empty handed? Or found yourself on the go, searching for a snack that hits the spot but been left bereft by a distinct lack of choice? If the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ to both questions, then let us tempt you with our newest Nuts For…range.

Snack nation

Turns out, we’re a nation of snackers – the biggest in Europe in fact! And with 66% of UK adults snacking at least once a day*, we thought it was time to bring something new and exciting to the table. Nuts For… is a tonic to uninspiring on-the-go snacking options, unique new savoury and sweet flavours designed to stand out from the crowd.

Given the choice, we’d almost all rather be eating a slice of fudge cake on our commute but sadly, it’s not practical and frankly, it would be a mess. The good news is that we’ve managed to replicate some of the most beloved desserts, mixing premium nuts with fun and flavoursome ingredients and put it all in one neat, single serve 35g grab-and-go bag.

Sweet treats

Rocky Road Riot takes hazelnuts and peanuts, adding in juicy flame raisins, mini-marshmallows and chocolate shortcake biscuits for an out-of-this-world texture, whilst Chocolate Brownie Chaos smashes peanuts, hazelnuts and walnut pieces into dark chocolate drops and chocolate fudge chunks, for a sweet snack like no other.

Last but not least, our Simply Dip’d Chocolate Almonds (30g bag) – roasted almonds dipped in 70% cocoa solids dark chocolate and finished with a light dusting of cocoa – provide a healthier, but no less tasty treat.

A savoury flavour punch

When it comes to savoury snacks, don’t resign yourself to the same old packet of crisps. Do your taste buds a favour with the ‘Nuts For…’ savoury range coming in hot with two favourite flavours, mixing premium roasted peanuts, almonds and cashews, each with added ingredients for extra texture and crunch and all wrapped up in a single serve 35g grab-and-go bag.

Punchy Smoked Paprika is seasoned with a warm and smoky paprika seasoning and finished with crunchy corn pieces; while an Indian Spice Infusion flavour is seasoned with garam masala and features crunchy corn sticks for an explosion of heat and texture.


It’s high time that the UK went nuts for snacks that don’t follow the status quo. Wave goodbye to mediocre snacks and say hello flavour!

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