Boost your snack sales

Snacks offer a great opportunity to upsell and give your customers an even better experience. Why not review the serving options for your range to make your snack offering as eye-catching as possible?

Classic Bagged Nuts

These are available on high-impact display cards or in cartons, depending on how much space you have behind the bar.

If you’re tight on space, consider clip-strips, which allow you to showcase all of the options in a neat strip whilst storing the packets under the bar. If you have a little more space, highlight the range with wooden cases for a neat top-of-the-bar option.

Whichever option you go for, they’re both perfect for encouraging impulse purchases. You can even remind your customers about our tasty snacks as they sip their pint with our branded bar mats.

Premium Bar Snacks

We have an extensive range of bulk bar snacks so you can personalise your offering to suit your establishment and customer preferences. These loose nuts can be stored on the bar and served in your favourite ramekins or pots, allowing you to control the portion size and price, whilst your customers enjoy snacks with their friends.

For a quality display, consider our Sun Valley Kilner® jar stand. It fits three 3L Kilner® jars for an enticing display that keeps your product fresh. Order from your wholesaler or directly from Sun Valley.

Why not consider our branded pots for a fun serving option? Each eco-friendly, fully recyclable pot holds a 50g serving of nuts.

Upgrade your nut offering

The Sun Valley Starter Kit includes our Kilner® jar stand, Kilner jars, ramekins or branded pots, and branded bar mats to get you off to a flying start. You can get all of this for a cracking starter pack price of just £49.99, including a first delivery of nuts. Order directly online, or speak to our customer services team for more information.


Our handy barpots are an easy-to-serve way to present interesting nut mixes alongside pub classics. Each barpot contains a 45g-50g serving, and the pot is 100% recyclable, making it a great eco-friendly option.




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