We’re nut experts. Smoky, spicy chilli nuts. Classic salted cashews. Little pots of mixed nuts which keep you reaching for more. Whether you like classic flavours or something a little more out-there, we’ve got you covered with our tasty range. Your customers will love them – and so will your profits.

We’ve been perfecting our nut snacks for over 70 years, so we’ve got the best recipes to suit every palate, from classic salted peanuts to some truly exciting innovations.

We offer a range of pack options, including bulk bags, single serve packets and handy barpots. Check out the full range available in our shop.

Some of our favourite nut flavours are:

Classic Salted peanuts

It’s all in the roasting. Roasted for just long enough to deliver the perfect amount of crunch and bring out the nutty sweetness, our peanuts are then sprinkled with just enough salt to make your tastebuds sing. It helps, of course, that we select the very best peanuts in the first place, from farmers we trust. It might seem simple, but getting the humble salted peanut right is about perfection in every little step - and we think we do just that.

Sea Salt & Black Pepper Cashews

Creamy cashews level up with a seasoning of freshly ground pepper and sea salt, perfectly complementing this king of nuts.

Spicy BBQ Peanuts and Corn with TABASCO® brand seasoning

Our super-crunchy BBQ flavoured peanuts and corn are spiced with TABASCO® brand seasoning to create this deliciously fiery snack. If you love heat and spice this is one for you.

Smoked Mixed Nuts

Inspired by the cocktail bar, Smoked Mixed Nuts are perfect for nibbling with a long, slow drink. Elegant and moreish, they’re the ultimate in snack sophistication combining peanuts and cashews with almond and pecans in a smoky seasoning.

Classic Dry Roasted Peanuts

Dry Roasted peanuts first appeared on the scene in the 1960s and soon became a favourite in the pub and at home. No party is complete without this savoury snacks to beat all others. Our seasoning was perfected by the late Jim Hacking Snr and we wouldn’t want to mess with that. He thought it was the best and so do we.

Spicy Bar Mix

A super fun crunchy mix for lovers of spice who are looking for a fun snacking combination, our Spicy Bar Mix combines sweet chilli crunchy coated peanuts, Thai chilli crackers and chilli peanuts with creamy cashews in an exciting mix of crunch and heat.

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