Peanut Butter is now a true household staple. Whether part of a quick and nutritious breakfast or as a post-workout snack it has a place in every home. Here at Sun Valley, we have poured all of our nut know-how into creating some of the highest quality and best value peanut butters on the UK market.

With over 70 years of nut-roasting experience, we are well placed to deliver the perfectly roasted peanuts which give our peanut butters their delicious nutty sweetness and depth of flavour, before being ground down to deliver the perfect smooth creaminess or incredible crunch.

Sun Valley Smooth Peanut Butter on toast

Classic Peanut Butters

Our classic peanut butters are designed to appeal to the whole family. Seriously creamy and thick this will give you the perfect spoonful each time. We suggest liberally spreading over toast and adding slices of banana for a quick and easy breakfast. Available in both smooth and crunchy.

Natural Peanut Butters

Our all-natural peanut butter consists of just one ingredient, the humble peanut! With no added ingredients it is perfect for cooking and lends itself to an endless range of uses. Try adding it into smoothies, drizzling over porridge or spooning straight into your mouth. Available in smooth and crunchy in a 1kg recyclable tub.