COVID 19 Risk Assessment Outcomes

Sun Valley values the health, safety and welfare of our employees and those who visit our site, as a key part of our business management process.

We have continued to operate as an essential business, as defined by the UK Government, throughout the COVID-19 response.

We have created and regularly updated our COVID-19 risk assessment to our employees and essential visitors to site.

The senior leadership team are involved in all COVID-19 management decisions on a daily basis. We adapt our practices in line with the latest guidance and information as quickly as possible to protect our people.

Our health and safety controls in response to the COVID-19 pathogen are:

Workplace Enhancements

Sun Valley already has very high standards of hygiene at our facilities to support the processing and packaging of food products.
Since COVID-19 we have further enhanced our processes by:

  1. Mandatory hand sanitising at the facility entrance for all people wishing to enter our Premises
  2. Use of temperature detection equipment checking of employees, visitors and contractors to Site
  3. 2 metre social distancing controls in place for the majority of tasks
  4. If a task cannot maintain social distancing of 2 metres, additional risk assessments and task specific controls are put in place i.e. physical barrier screens, time limits on distancing and
  5. PPE as a last resort
  6. Barrier signage to show 2 metres at all communal areas such as canteens, lockers, toilets and smoking shelters
  7. Closure of the majority of small offices and meeting spaces
  8. Increased cleaning schedules for high contact communal areas
  9. Instigated internal contact tracing programme with clearly defined actions
  10. Regular communications bulletins to all employees regarding COVID-19 and our response as a business
  11. Ongoing review and update of our response programme to COVID-19